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We Are Creative Nerds

CSE (Scientific Club of ESI) is a group of talented engineering students that are patient about building cool projects and organizing quality tech events. After organizing the first hackathon and one of the largest hackathons in Algeria, the club is considered as one of the biggest and the most active clubs in the country.

Trusted by many entities

ESI 360° Virtual Tour

A virtual tour of ESI for the new students

Leapfrog Hack

Leapfrog Hack is a Global Hackathon focused on the leverage of leapfrog technologies, Organized as part of the Smart Cities global investors and technology summit 2018 By CSE Club and the wilaya of Algiers. An international jury, and various business/technology mentors from various parts of the world, will be joining the events, along with the participation of global technology players, venture capital and policy makers.

Hack !T

Hack It est le premier Hackathon organisé au sein de l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Informatique. Organisé par le Club Scientifique de l’ESI, le plus ancien et plus grand club estudiantin de l’école, il vise à élaborer des solutions informatiques aux différents problèmes posés durant tout un weekend. Les participants venants des 4 coins de l’Algérie devront donc user de leur connaissances et des nouvelles technologies afin d’apporter des solutions innovantes et pratiques dans le but de remporter la compétition.

Algeria Web Awards

AWA ( Algeria web awards) is an annual contest that aims to improve the content of the algerien web. AWA rewards the best web projects on a national scale. The event was launched the first time in 2012 by Mr. Faical AZOUAZOU, a teacher at ESI with the contribution of CLUB SCIENTIFIQUE DE L’ESI (CSE). Since the huge success made by the first edition that counted more than 450 participants and many agencies it, AWA has seen the light again in 2013, where new categories emerged and made it more successful. In 2014 AWA expanded to cover mobile platforms and allowing a dozen of mobile applications to join the best web projects race.

MLH Local Hack Day

MLH Local Hack Day is a 12 hour hack day in ESI that brings together the local hacker community to celebrate building awesome technology. On December 2nd 2017, students around the world will be simultaneously hosting their own MLH Local Hack Day at their school, resulting in the single largest day of student hacking ever.

Startup Weekend Algiers

The Algerian version of the international event of the TechStars organization Where participants create a startup in one weekend (54 hours) to present to a team of professional judges and the winner gets an opportunity to participate in the international edition. CSE organized 3 editions (2011,2012,2017) and co-organized 3 other editions.

Youth Empowerment

Youth Empowerment is a day where we invite all of the CSE club Alumni to travel back to Algeria and to our school ESI and to help current students by giving conferences and telling stories about their experience.

Smart Mobility Challenge

An event that lasts for 6 months where participants create mobile apps and at the end winners in different categories are announced, with a goal to encourage Developers to start working on the mobile platform to enrich the the Algerian Web content. CSE organized 3 editions with more than 40 apps created in SMC.

Tresor ESI

A digital library of all the courses that are teached in the school.