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Smart Cities Global Summit Startup Competition

Finals: June 28th, 2018

CIC ALGER - Centre International des Conférences d'Alger


What is the Start-Up Competition

The last decade has seen an explosion in terms of the number of startups and along with that, incubators and accelerators, mostly driven by the migration to cloud based development models, which in turn reduced the initial costs of setting up these startups. Yet, this doesn't necessarily mean that startups have a better chance of success, as the risk shifted more towards the ability of scaling the startups and maintaining their lead against a larger number of (global) competitors.

This makes it very challenging in picking the winners at early stages. In this competition, emphasis will be exactly on that - picking winners at early stages, given the specific dynamics of startups Circa 2018, with an emerging world focus and with a localized business model focus. The ability to exploit local problems solving, leverage leapfrog technologies and develop optimal growth funding strategies will be analyzed, along with the ability of the teams to execute, persevere and exploit discontinuities.

Startups will be invited to pitch their solutions, in front of a jury lead by key venture capital and entrepreneurs, primarily from the Silicon Valley, but also very well aware of how innovation models and startup success strategies materialize in other regions of the world. Awards and prices will be presented to the winning startups, with a focus on what's most important to them - fast track access to customers.

(Read these documents for more details about the ALgiers smart city project)


An international jury, and various business/technology mentors from various parts of the world, with a heavy Silicon Valley emphasis , will be joining the events, along with the participation of global technology players, venture capital and policy makers.


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