Billel Benoudjit

- 2020 / 2021 -

2CS Ecole Nationale d'Informatique
Batna, Algeria


"I am a Computer Science student at ESI Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Informatique in Algiers. I am also a Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador, AWS Educate Student Ambassador & the President of CSE (Club scientifique de l'ESI), a web developer, a Data Science enthusiast, self-motivated, creative and serious. I am involved in many extra scholar activities so that I can share my knowledge, bring a positive impact, and manage a whole group of ambitious and talented students, all this so that the student community in my country can grow and improve through the different assured events, mentoring programs and trainings. I am also a Web Developer who tries to build various projects, whether these are for general use or for specific issues, for the club, or any other entities."

  • CSE member
  • Design Manager Assistant
  • Design Manager
  • Community Manager
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