Abir Feltane

Communication Manager
- 2020 / 2021 -

2scnd year Med school
M’sila, Algeria


"Already three years in the club, and it have been an amazing experience! If you ask me about it, well, I can’t really summarize it all in two lines, but I would say it is a journey of learning and sharing. I joined CSE first as a design member, eventhough I had no skills in design, then I joined the communication team. It was the place where I was able to work on my writing skills, I learned about community management and more. Not forgetting the wonderful and talented people that I worked with. Today, I’m the communication manager of CSE for the season 2020/2021. Great things are yet to come."

  • CSE member
  • Design Manager Assistant
  • Design Manager
  • Community Manager
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